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General Information

What to Bring

For the rows:

  • water bottle
  • hat
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • rowing unis, trou, or other suitable warm-weather gear (for novices, think bicycle shorts rather than baggy basketball shorts)
  • t-shirts and tank tops
  • many changes of socks (no bare feet in the footstretchers, please!)
  • running sneakers
  • bathing suit (for the swim test and for recreational swimming between the practices)
  • towel(s) for the boathouse and for the dorm
  • soap/shampoo
  • combination lock
  • small change (there is a small convenience store across the street from the boathouse)
  • for day campers, bring your own lunch in a paper bag with your name on it, there is a fridge provided in the boathouse

For the dorm:

  • sheets for a normal twin bed
  • pillows, pillowcase(s), and blankets
  • fan (the rooms are not air-conditioned)
  • towel
  • nice clothes and small change for trips to Vespoli and Yale campus

Campers are housed in Dominican Hall on the campus of Albertus Magnus College in New Haven. Typical rooms are 2-4 to a room.
Roommate requests can be made to: andrew.card@yale.edu.

Refund Policy

All requests for cancellation must be made in writing. Refund requests can be sent via e-mail only to andrew.card@yale.edu. Please include the camper’s name and session they are enrolled in. All monies paid will be refunded to the credit card used to register, with the exception of a $150.00 administrative fee, provided that the spot can be filled with another camper from the waiting list.

Please check and then check again to make sure that you are signing up for the session(s) you want. If you mis-click or mistakenly sign up for the wrong week (hey, these things happen), then first please write us at andrew.card@yale.edu and say you want to switch from Session X to Session Y. It's not a problem to switch weeks....except when you overpay!

DO NOT PAY TWICE! We won't be able to refund your whole amount for your "wrong" week, and that would be terrible for everyone concerned (except the credit card companies).

No refunds will be provided less than two weeks prior to the start date of the camp, regardless of circumstance.

Code of Conduct

Bulldog Rowing Camp will be a lot of fun if campers follow the basic rules of decency and proper conduct so that everyone can concentrate on becoming a better rower.

Some of these rules should go without saying, but we'll say them anyway:

  • Always respect other campers, instructors, facilities, Yale and Albertus Magnus personnel, and all equipment.
  • Always listen to staff/instructor. Show consideration when coaches and others are speaking.
  • Teasing and put-downs are not tolerated at camp.
  • Use appropriate language - No cursing.
  • Keep all areas clean! Throw your trash away and if you see trash, pick it up and toss it.
  • No weapons allowed.
  • No pets may be brought to camp.
  • No drugs, tobacco, or alcohol permitted at any time.
  • Never leave assigned activity areas without permission of staff.

Any other rules specific to a Camp will be discussed at Camp.

Behavior Guidelines and Consequences: In order to provide a pleasant environment and to ensure the safety of our campers and staff, disruptive, destructive and/or dangerous behavior by campers is NOT ALLOWED. Such behavior will result in the camper being removed from the current program. If the behavior continues, the camper will dismissed from the camp. When a participant is dismissed from camp for unacceptable behavior there will be NO REFUND.

Any of the following will result in IMMEDIATE dismissal from camp:

  • Endangering the health or safety of others
  • Possession of firearms, weapons, explosives, etc.
  • Possession or use of illegal drugs, alcohol, cigarettes
  • Damage or destruction of property
  • Theft
  • Fighting
  • Pulling of fire alarms
  • Leaving camp area without permission

Damage or Loss of Property: Camper's parent/legal guardian will be financially responsible for any and all damages caused by camper. Parent/Legal guardian will be billed for any damage to campus facilities or equipment.

Camps are open to any and ell entrants, subject to age and gender restrictions.

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